Hey everybody!!  Well I guess I’m going to have to make an “about me” page… after all I love reading people’s “about me” pages… it’s so interesting.  Well I like fashion – after all that’s basically the whole premise of my blog.  However, I’m not into spending lots of money on it.  I prefer to get the most for my buck.  Well I could write a whole essay about me, myself, and I… so instead I’ll just bullet a few of my favorite things because that’s more fun!

A Few of my Favorite Things…

  • Color… Green! My second fave is blue and my third fave is pink… Just like the Powerpuff Girls!! Used to love them…
  • Clothing Store… Forever 21!  They have sooo many adorable items at amazing prices! Also love American Eagle, Abercrombie, Charlotte Russe…
  • Food… Bagels w/ cream cheese – I’m always up for a good bagel!
  • Other Food… Watermelon <3 I’m pretty much in love with watermelon…
  • Final Favorite Food… Bread. For some reason I love bread a lot! Italian, whole wheat, dinner rolls, biscuits… yum!!
  • Drink… MILK! I <3 milk…
  • Cosmetic Item… Burt’s Bee pomegranate Chap Stick… I would die without it!
  • Musical Artist… Rihanna.  She has had so many hits… no one can top her.
  • Song… Unfaithful by Rihanna and Wannabe by The Spice Girls… classics.
  • Dream Vacation… Whirlwind tour around Europe… London, Amsterdam, Paris, Monaco, Rome, Athens…
  • Book… Harry Potters.  C’mon it’s a classic!

Well, that’s me!  Be sure to subscribe :)

<3 Kali


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  1. tarynleeza
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 15:52:21

    Hey Kali,
    thanks for the comment on my post! Your blog is so good!!! It will become a regular on my reading list, so thanks for leading me to it :) Taryn


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