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Good afternoon my fellow friends!  Today I’m going to give you a couple of ideas on how to update your wardrobe for fall 2010.  As you all know… school is coming up!  That means back-to-school shopping! Woooo!  Of course, it’s certainly not practical or economically possible to buy a whole new wardrobe… so here are 5 tips on how to make an (almost) brand new wardrobe at little or no cost!


Adding a belt on the waist it an easy way to add a different look to any top.  You could pop a belt over a simple v-neck or too a sundress.  I am in love with this belt from Forever 21 because it’s only $2.50!  (Yes I’ve used it in a bunch of other posts…)


Instantly change the color of any top, bottom, or sweater with some cheap fabric dye from basically any store (Wal-Mart, A.C. Moore, Target…)  Try to get some dyes in hot fall colors like gold, olive, violet, or mahogany.


This pretty purple Tulip dye is $2.99 at ILovetoCreate.com.


Give your jeans, shorts, and pants a new look by rolling them up!  Grab a cardigan and roll up the sleeves a little for a warm fall day.  You could roll up skinny jeans twice so they fall right above your ankle… So cute!


So I have this tunic top with lace at the bottom… I never really liked the lace so I re-invented my shirt by chopping the lace off!  Now it’s a cropped top… Love it!  You can re-invent any top by cutting off the sleeves… Or maybe cut and old dress into a shirt!  Also, you could sew on some embellishments like buttons or flowers…


Some people (me included!!) tend to wear the same outfits all the time!  It’s time to go through your closet and mix and match clothes that you never have before!  Example… Always wear the ruffled cardigan with the khaki shorts and flats??  How about wearing that cardi with some jeggings and ankle boots!?!  Stuff like that can make any old shirt feel new again!

So there are some tips on how to jazz up your wardrobe for free!  I’ll be sure to add any more that I think off!

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An obsession with cardigans…

    Today my post is going to be all about cardigans… why you might ask?  I love cardigans of course!!  They are so versatile… dress them up or dress them down.  They are so comfortable too!  I believe that every girls needs at least one (maybe 8) cardigans in her wardrobe…  Of course, there are soo many different trends for cardigans! So here we have is my list of cardigans I oh-so wish I had.

PICK #1: Nautical

Juicy Couture Striped cotton-jersey cardigan

This preppy Juicy Couture cardigan is from Net-A-Porter.com for $150.  It is a classic with its navy and white stripes and topped off with the gold buttons and design.  Pair this with some white shorts, red ballet flats, and a signature gold necklace and you’re good to go!

PICK #2: Flowy

Splendid Draped jersey cardigan

Every girl needs a flowy, drapy cardigan like this Splendid sweater available at Net-A-Porter.com for $63.  This cardigan would look amazing with some jeggings and a belt at the waist.  Love it!!

PICK #3: Fun and Funky

Loving this cardigan for Forever 21 for $19.80!  Everyone needs a bright cardigan to brighten any rainy day.  Pair this up with some cropped jeans and some black Oxford heels.
PICK #4: Classic  Boyfriend
Everyone needs a classic boyfriend cardi like this one from Aeropostale for $24.99.  This cute sweater is my go-to item for any outfit that needs a little something extra while still being nice and comfy!
PICK #5: Cute and Girly
Lace Front Cardigan
This is defiantly my favorite!  It’s so cute with the lacy look!! <3 it…  And this violet color is hot, hot, hot this fall… which just make it better!  Another plus, it’s only $24 from Charlotte Russe.
  So there you have it!  My top 5 most-wanted cardigans…  What are YOURS?? Comment below with yours:)
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Check this out! An entire outfit for under $30

      What!?!?! A FULL outfit under $30?!?! Count me in!  Check out this super cute outfit –defiantly first-day-of-school worthy– oh and did I mention… under $30!

Top – Forever 21 – $9.99

Check out this adorable top… cute pattern, loose fit… how chic! …And it’s only $9.99
Belt – Forever 21 – $2.50
What!?! OMG this belt is only $2.50! WOW!  Ok so what you do with the belt… Pop this belt on over the shirt at the waist.  It will defiantly up the style factor in a cinch!
Bottoms – Forever 21 – $14.50
Add some jeggings to your outfit! They’re soo hot this season and only $14.50 at Forever 21!  Also, if you already have jeggings or skinny jeans you can simply use those to complete the outfit!
Shoes – Charlotte Russe – $2.99
Suede Strap Basic Flip Flops
To complete our cute, chic, and cheap outfit we have these flip flops from Charlotte Russe.  They’re only $2.99 and will match you entire wardrobe! 
So there you have it! Let’s add it up…
$9.99 + $2.50 + $14.50 + $2.99 = $29.98
Yeah!! An entire outfit for less and $30!!

Fall Color Palette

Hot colors for the fall?  Think… rich, royal, and earthy shades!  The bright, colorful summer days have passed.  Bring on the golds, purples, and olives!  Say hello to earthy colors such as brown, gray, and beige!  Now although subtler color are hot don’t be afraid to brighten things up sometimes with popping colors including red, magenta, and blue.

Ruffle Front Mesh Blouse
I love, love, LOVE this charcoal color!! It flatters nearly every skin tone and is just so chic!  This blouse is $22.00 from Charlotte Russe.
This classic top in olive is $24.50 from American Eagle.  This olive color is great because it’s a rich, earthy color.  Watch out for olive! It’s super hot this season!!
Check out this gorgeous royal color! This sweater from Forever 21 is $15.80.  Loving the cute flower too!
Juicy Couture Venus
Gold is back again!  These cute Juicy Couture gold flats are $105 at Zappos.com
Love this Steve Madden clutch!  Burgundy is a hot, hot, hot color this season!  Get this clutch for $48.95 at Zappos.com
Well, there’s some hot colors for the fall 2010 season!  Stock your closet with rich colors: Olive, Burgundy, Violet, and Gold.
Check out earthy, neutral colors: Tan, Beige, Gray, and Brown.
Bye everybody!
:) Kali

Must-Haves for Back to School

Hey there!  I’m going to tell you about a couple of items that I think with be über hot this fall season…

Cropped Pants

I don’t really know what to call these other than… cropped pants.  So today I was shopping at this small store that basically buys clothes that manufacturers don’t want… Anyway I got a super cute pair of American Eagle navy blue cropped pants for $2!! That’s right only 2 buckeroos!  I’m so excited about that… Well, cropped pants are a must have for this season.  You could pair them with anything!!  Dress it up with cute flats, and a long tunic top.  Or for a “comfy” look try them with sandals and a plaid shirt cinched at the waist with a belt.

** Hint Hint…  You can make you own cropped pants by rolling up your skinny jeans twice…

Cargo Cropped Pants
  These cute cargo pants are only $11.99 from Charlotte Russe.
This season belts are back!  Use these sleek chicas to accent any waist.  Simply put on any old belt right over your shirt at the waist.Match it with a plaid shirt or even put it over a cute cardigan.
Check out these belts from Charlotte Russe.  You get three skinny belts for $9.50!  I love the rose-colored ones! CUTE!
If you were to splurge on one item for back to school this would be it.  I love cardigans because they never go out of style and can instantly “jazz up” and outfit or even simply make a shirt more “school appropriate.”  Neutral and earthy colored cardigans are very hot this season. Also, find cardigans with cute little embellishments like the ruffles on the sweater below.
Product Image Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Cardigan Sweater w/ Ruffle - Dark Heather Grey
Wooo!  This cardigan from Target is only $15.00!!  I love the cute ruffles and the earthy gray color!
Jeggings are the new it item of the fall season!  Jeggings (jeans combined with leggings) can be worn with a longer shirt cinched at the waist with a belt.  My favorite outfit with jeggings is the plaid shirt with a belt… Super Cute!!
These jeggings from Charlotte Russe are only $24.50 but right now they are an extra 30% off!  I did the math for you all and they would actually be about $17.15 right now! 
Plaid Shirts
Plaid shirts are back… again!  Pair this classic favorite with a belt at the waist for a super cute feminine look!  Pair it with some jeggings or skinny jeans.  Add a long necklace to up the style factor. 
This shirt from American Eagle is only $19.95.  I love all the different colors!  It will defiantly make you outfit POP!
My final must-have for back to school is flats.  Flats are classic, comfy, and cute!  They can dress up or dress down an outfit.  They can be worn with anything.  Flats are the best!  My favorite pair of flats are Me Too flats.  They are super cute but most of all super comfy!   So many flats can give you feet blisters, however Me Too flats are sooo comfortable that you could walk around in them all day!  A lot of times you can find them at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls.
These are super cute!  You can get them at Zappos.com for $76.13…  If you have a TJ Maxx of Marshalls near you defiantly check there… I bought a cute pair of Me Toos for $34.
So that’s my 6 must-haves for back to school 2010!!  What are yours??  Be sure to comment with you 6 back to school must-haves!
:) Kali


Hi! I’m Kali… I’m excited to start my very own style blog! You see, here’s how it all began…

      So here I am trying to figure out what I want to wear on the first day of school and I said to myself… Hmmmm if only there were a place where I could get some great ideas that did not involve spending oodles and noodles of dollars on clothes… and then it came to me!  “I’m going to start a fashion blog to help other girls with my same problem!!” …And so here we are now…

      Well, I guess it is time for me to start blogging… WELCOME TO THE STYLE FILES!

      :) Kali

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