Back-to-School Wishlist

Hey there everybody!  Since today is So Random Sunday, I’m going to tell you all about my back-to-school wish list.  Okay, so I really have not done much school shopping… I don’t even have a fab first day outfit!!  So I’m going to have to go to the mall sometime this week…  Here’s an idea of some of the stuff I really want!

      So first, I really want a pair of mid-length shorts because my school has a strict dress code where the shorts must reach the end of your fingertips.  For people like me with really long arms, it’s so hard to find shorts that I can wear!  I’m hoping to catch some mid-length shorts on clearance for cheap!

These are on clearance at American Eagle for $39.95. Love them because they have the military vibe going which is super hot this season!

      Next, I want to get myself a pair of jeggings.  I mean they are basically the biggest craze right now… so I’ll have to try them.  I’ll defiantly need to try them on to make sure they look okay, though…

I really like these from Forever 21.  They are only $14.50.  I love how they are a classic color so they’ll look great with anything!

       The next thing I really want is a good, skinny belt.  I’ll use my skinny belt to cinch tops at the waist… I think it looks super cute and can make any old shirt look brand new again!

This belt from Delia’s is only $9.99.  The classic color will go with anything and everything!  I like how small it is, so it won’t overwhelm any outfit.
    Now on to shoes… I could really use a pair of new flats!  I am loving these in particular:
These are on sale for $99.95 at Anthropologie and I love, love, LOVE them!  I really want a pair of peep-toes because I don’t have any and I love the colors and pattern!  The only problem with them is that they won’t match that many outfits… so maybe if I see something like these for cheap, then I’ll get them.
     I could also grab some boots that would be perfect for fall!
I love these boots from Forever 21.  And at only $22.80 they wound break the budget!  I think that they are the perfect height and the perfect color to match everything!!
    I also need a new school bag!!  I’m kind of unsure of what I want… Again, pretty please post ideas below…  Here’s my idea:
Vintage Tote
I’m not sure how big this bag is… I need a very big bag for all my stuff!  But I love this bag!! It’s only $13.93 from Abercrombie.  I love the olive stripes because olive is such a hot color this fall!  Olive is a great color because it’s neutral and will look good with almost anything!  It will be able to carry me from fall to the end of school which wold be awesome!!
Okay, so now I really need a shirt to wear on the first day!  I don’t know exactly what I want… so if anyone has any ideas please post a comment below!!!
Well, there’s my wish list!!  I’ll report back to you all after I go and give you the lowdown on what I actually buy!
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Trend Alert: Military Inspired

ATTENTION!  Yes Sir!  Military is back and bigger than ever!  For today, I’m going to do a feature on the military-inspired fashion that are sure to be a top trend this fall!   Of course, you defiantly don’t want to go too overboard…  So here are some pieces that I think are totally cute and can give you a bit of the military look without looking like you just came out of boot camp!

Military Shirt Dress

Yay! I love this shirt dress from Charlotte Russe!  It’s $32… A bit pricier than I would like… but it’s so adorable!  Imagine it with black jeggings and heels!  How cute!

These cropped cargos pants are $22.80 from Forever 21.  They are awesome because you can adjust the length and add a little military flair to any outfit!
A military style jacket is defiantly a must-have for the season.  This one is $49.50 at American Eagle.  loving how you can roll the sleeves up a little… and this olive color is hot, hot, HOT!

Jeffrey Campbell K-Genius Khaki Belt Appeal Canvas Wedge Boot  - Click Image to Close
WOW!  Love these wedges!  They are $154 at  I really don’t know why they remind me of the military… they just do…
Anyway, I love all the belt buckles… you just might have some troubles putting them on… :)
  Well, there you go…  So here’s my list of my top 3  tips to wear the military trend:
  1. Color… Obviously army green and olive are THE colors!  Other colors to try are navy blue and gray.
  2. Buttons and Studs… Add some army flair to any outfit with buttons or studs.
  3. Canvas/Khaki Material… This material will make any outfit have a bit of military in it!

Well, that’s all for today!  See you tomorrow!!  Comment and subscribe please!


My 5 Favorite… Fall 2010 Shoes

Good evening everyone!  Since today is Favorite, Fashionable Friday…I’m going to post a list of my 5 favorite shoes for this upcoming season. 

Coming in at 5th place is…

Snow Leopard Women's Classics

These TOMs are $54 at  They are super cute.  Loving the snow leopard pattern… And for every pair you buy, TOMs will give them to a child in need of shoes!  Cute and charitable!!

Taking up 4th place is…

These Me Too flats are $89 at  Every girl needs some classic flats for fall!  These are so comfy but still adorable! Win, win!

At 3rd place is…

Slouchy Belted Cuff Boot

These are some classic boots from Charlotte Russe.  Right now they’re on sale for only $25!!  That just makes them all the better!  I especially love the grey-brownish color **Super hot for fall!

Coming in 2nd place is…

Check out these amazing ankle boot from Forever 21!  At only $17.50 they’re are inexpensive yet super cute!  Just look at that perfect bow!  And remember… camel color is hot for fall!
And finally.. what you’ve all been waiting for… **drumroll** Number 1 is…
Oo-la-la! Loving these Oxford heels from Anthropologie!  A little more pricey at $90 but I do love how versatile these are… You can work them in so many different looks!  How about an edgy look with jeggings and a tan sequined tank?  Unleash the prepster in you by pairing these with khaki cropped pants and a button-down shirt!  And don’t forget to try these chicas with some stylish socks!! So cute <3
Okay… well there are my top 5 shoes for fall!  Love ’em?  Hate ’em?? Let me know what you think below!!
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Be sure to read my post tomorrow because tomorrow is… Saw it on a Celebrity Saturday!
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Deals of the Day! Thirfty Thursday

Hello again!  I was just scouring the web and I decided that every Thursday I would post a “Daily Deals.”  Actually I think I will use this time to unveil my new schedule!  You see… everyday is going to be a different idea!  How cute, huh?!  Oh yeah, I’m sure I won’t stick to the agenda 100%, but I’ll try!!


Make an Outfit Monday… one Mondays I’ll post some type of outfit… maybe a cheap outfit, outfit with a certain trend, etc…

Trendy Tuesday… one this day you’ll see posts concerning various trends or looks to watch out for!

Whatever I Want Wednesday… yeah I need a day that’s all about me!  So on Wednesday I get to pick whatever I want!

Thrifty Thursday… in this post you will find all the daily bargains!  And believe me… they will be good!!

Favorite, Fashionable Friday… on Fridays I’ll post a list of some of my favorite things in fashion!

Saw it on a Celebrity Saturday… so Saturdays will be all about celebrity fashion! 

So Random Sunday… who knows what this will be about! Sundays will be about something other than fashion…

Would you look at that piece of art!  I’m sure you all love my corny names… I sure do!  Okay… since today is Thrifty Thursday, I’ll now post a couple of deals I’ve found!

AnthropologieOn sale for $9.95…Regulary $68

This tank is soo cute!  the brown color and the scarlet beads are perfect for fall!  And it’s only $9.95 when it’s regulary $68! Bargain alert!

Forever 21Only $4.99…Regularly $10.50
Love these cute flats!  The bronze color is totally in for fall… and for only $4.99, how can you go wrong?
Forever 21Only $12…Regulary $19.80
These boots are hot again this fall so snatch up this pair from Forever 21 for only $12!!  They come in black too… but I’m really loving the grey!
The A&F Jegging
Abercrombie and Fitch…On Sale for $13.93…Regulary $68
WOW! A&F Jeggings for $13.93!! Nice… We all know jeggings are hot this season so definetly pick up these soon.. while they last!!
Printed Skirt With Pockets
Charlotte  RusseOnly $10.99 + 30% off…Regulary $22
This skirt is 30% off so it would actually be about $7.63! Sweet deal!  Plus, I love the color because this mahogany color is so in right now! And for only $7.63!
So there they are… the deals of the week!  And that’s the end of Thrifty Thursday!  Can’t wait for Favorite, Fashionable Fridays where I will be listing my favorite shoes for school!
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Fall Color Palette

Hot colors for the fall?  Think… rich, royal, and earthy shades!  The bright, colorful summer days have passed.  Bring on the golds, purples, and olives!  Say hello to earthy colors such as brown, gray, and beige!  Now although subtler color are hot don’t be afraid to brighten things up sometimes with popping colors including red, magenta, and blue.

Ruffle Front Mesh Blouse
I love, love, LOVE this charcoal color!! It flatters nearly every skin tone and is just so chic!  This blouse is $22.00 from Charlotte Russe.
This classic top in olive is $24.50 from American Eagle.  This olive color is great because it’s a rich, earthy color.  Watch out for olive! It’s super hot this season!!
Check out this gorgeous royal color! This sweater from Forever 21 is $15.80.  Loving the cute flower too!
Juicy Couture Venus
Gold is back again!  These cute Juicy Couture gold flats are $105 at
Love this Steve Madden clutch!  Burgundy is a hot, hot, hot color this season!  Get this clutch for $48.95 at
Well, there’s some hot colors for the fall 2010 season!  Stock your closet with rich colors: Olive, Burgundy, Violet, and Gold.
Check out earthy, neutral colors: Tan, Beige, Gray, and Brown.
Bye everybody!
:) Kali