Trend Alert: Military Inspired

ATTENTION!  Yes Sir!  Military is back and bigger than ever!  For today, I’m going to do a feature on the military-inspired fashion that are sure to be a top trend this fall!   Of course, you defiantly don’t want to go too overboard…  So here are some pieces that I think are totally cute and can give you a bit of the military look without looking like you just came out of boot camp!

Military Shirt Dress

Yay! I love this shirt dress from Charlotte Russe!  It’s $32… A bit pricier than I would like… but it’s so adorable!  Imagine it with black jeggings and heels!  How cute!

These cropped cargos pants are $22.80 from Forever 21.  They are awesome because you can adjust the length and add a little military flair to any outfit!
A military style jacket is defiantly a must-have for the season.  This one is $49.50 at American Eagle.  loving how you can roll the sleeves up a little… and this olive color is hot, hot, HOT!

Jeffrey Campbell K-Genius Khaki Belt Appeal Canvas Wedge Boot  - Click Image to Close
WOW!  Love these wedges!  They are $154 at  I really don’t know why they remind me of the military… they just do…
Anyway, I love all the belt buckles… you just might have some troubles putting them on… :)
  Well, there you go…  So here’s my list of my top 3  tips to wear the military trend:
  1. Color… Obviously army green and olive are THE colors!  Other colors to try are navy blue and gray.
  2. Buttons and Studs… Add some army flair to any outfit with buttons or studs.
  3. Canvas/Khaki Material… This material will make any outfit have a bit of military in it!

Well, that’s all for today!  See you tomorrow!!  Comment and subscribe please!


Fall Color Palette

Hot colors for the fall?  Think… rich, royal, and earthy shades!  The bright, colorful summer days have passed.  Bring on the golds, purples, and olives!  Say hello to earthy colors such as brown, gray, and beige!  Now although subtler color are hot don’t be afraid to brighten things up sometimes with popping colors including red, magenta, and blue.

Ruffle Front Mesh Blouse
I love, love, LOVE this charcoal color!! It flatters nearly every skin tone and is just so chic!  This blouse is $22.00 from Charlotte Russe.
This classic top in olive is $24.50 from American Eagle.  This olive color is great because it’s a rich, earthy color.  Watch out for olive! It’s super hot this season!!
Check out this gorgeous royal color! This sweater from Forever 21 is $15.80.  Loving the cute flower too!
Juicy Couture Venus
Gold is back again!  These cute Juicy Couture gold flats are $105 at
Love this Steve Madden clutch!  Burgundy is a hot, hot, hot color this season!  Get this clutch for $48.95 at
Well, there’s some hot colors for the fall 2010 season!  Stock your closet with rich colors: Olive, Burgundy, Violet, and Gold.
Check out earthy, neutral colors: Tan, Beige, Gray, and Brown.
Bye everybody!
:) Kali